The Best New Tunes From This Week

Boo Seeka – Does This Last

Sydney dynamic duo Boo Seeka have swiftly become one of the best rising acts in the country over the last 12 months. Each of the singles they’ve put out has performed remarkably, racking up time on the airwaves and millions of streams along the way. Their latest is Does This Last. Coming as the initial taste of what is sure to be a ripper of a debut album scheduled for later this year, it’s atmospheric and uplifting, awash in spacey synths and a driving backbeat, it’s some damn gorgeous listening.

Catch Boo Seeka on their national headline tour in April and May when they get back from a spot at SXSW.

Ride – Charm Assault

Heading across the pond and to shoegazers Ride, who have this week fired off their first track in some 20 years with the fiery Charm Assault. The percussion is pummeling and the guitars are deliciously twangy throughout, the chorus a veritable gut-punch when it hits.

It’s a look at the very near future for the revitalised Ride, who have a brand new album on its way later this year after returning to the stage in 2014.

Doozy Daze – Trish Jones And The Fish Bones/Grapefruit Charger/Without A Doubt

Swooping in from the city of the Brown Snake is four-piece newcomers Doozy Daze. Giving off an amalgam of positively headspinning Hole, Tired Lion and pre-Hungry Ghost Violent Soho fumes, Doozy Daze have been making a name for themselves with some of the most energetic performances in Brisbane’s live scene over the past 12 months and make their recorded debut with a triumvirate of punchy rock and roll in the form of three separate singles.

Slow-burning Trish Jones And The Fish Bones and it’s bluesy chord progression is a thumper, building to a raging, rollicking chorus. Grapefruit Charger is pure fist-raising fury distilled and delivered lightning quick and Without A Doubt is a stomping punk rock anthem with a chorus catchier than rabies. It’s a promising start from this hard-rocking quartet, who’ll be playing a launch show very soon.

Tinker – On The Outside

Also dropping new goods this week is up-and-coming producer Chris Bristow, who flies by night under the moniker of Tinker, and his latest track On The Outside. It’s a sublime slice of electronica, a swirling, almost icy soundscape and subdued beats wrapped around some ethereal vocals from an anonymous guest (which makes it all the more fun), it’s definitely a track for the colder nights about to arrive and it’s some of the easiest listening you will do all flipping week.

It’s already getting love from the J’s and for damn good reason, look for Tinker’s to be a name that blows up in 2017.

The Kite String Tangle – Selfish

Back to Brisbane and the multitalented producer The Kite String Tangle and his latest single Selfish. The newie is a celebration of sorts, TKST having just launched independent label Exist. Recordings and signed Golden Vessel and Lastlings as its first artists.

It’s a marvellous return, off-kilter synths and beats building up to a chorus that just bangs. It’s the same TKST you know and love but with some sharper edges. We’re happy to be hearing more of the brainchild of Danny Harley in 2017.

Lastlings – Urges

Not about to be left out at all, Gold Coast sibling duo Lastlings are celebrating inking their names to contracts with Exist by putting out a brand new tune of their own with Urges. It’s all in the lead-up to their second EP Verses that’s slated for release in March.

First taste Urges is like stepping into a hot shower exactly when you need it, the fuzzy synths and a chilled backbeat with singer Amy Dowdle’s heavenly vocal delivery floating over it all, exploring those urges as reactions in the human body and conjuring up some intense imagery. You’ll be able to catch the pair on tour down the East Coast in March.

Image: Supplied