It’s Here: Listen To Calvin Harris’ Track With Frank Ocean & Migos

Calvin Harris has been teasing a new song featuring Frank Ocean and Migos for a few weeks now via Snapchat, and the song, called Slide, is finally upon us in all its glory.

The song begins with (what we assume to be) Frank Ocean singing in a really high pitched voice, reminiscent of Nikes and several other tracks off his groundbreaking 2016 record Blonde. The beat is relaxing and laid back compared to the intense beats you might usually expect from Calvin Harris – perhaps an indication of a more subdued, easygoing sound for the Scottish producer. Ocean’s melody is simple, rich and warm, while Offset of Migos’ auto-tuned contribution adds another unique layer to the breezy tune.

It’s not the most exciting track in the world, and certainly doesn’t match up to Ocean’s recent work, but that’s not to say it isn’t melodically lovely. Considering the pedigree of each artist, we have no doubt that it’ll be on heavy rotation on every radio station and nightclub for the foreseeable future.

The track is expected to feature on Harris’ as-yet-unannounced fifth album, which will reportedly feature many collaborations “with the greatest artists of our generation.”