George Clinton Praises Childish Gambino’s New P-Funk Sound

Childish Gambino’s latest album Awaken, My Love came as a surprise to many. Ditching his classic R&B rap ways, he managed to delve into a deep soul and funk infused sound, channeling the sounds he was exposed to in his younger years. Gambino hasn’t shied away from disclosing his influences, namely the major Parliament-Funkadelic influence, therefore how does George Clinton, the mastermind behind the legendary outfits feel?

Talking to Hip Hop DX, Clinton revealed he has indeed listened to it, and he is a fan. “I just heard it [Awaken, My Love] one time and I like the songs. I’m aware of his music and know he’s into P-Funk so I know it’s going to be some good music.”

The compliments didn’t end there, with the legend making some huge comparisons which place Gambino next to legends, “I haven’t had a chance to get all the way into it, but when I did hear it, it sounded like a cross between P-Funk and Prince influence. I’m proud that he’s into the funk and glad him and others are bringing some new funk back.”

This all comes soon after Questlove called D’Angelo at 4am just to tell him to listen to the album because it’s that good. So whether or not the rap fans will accept the new Gambino, it looks like he’s found immense respect among funk and soul legends.

Currently George Clinton is hard at work contributing to Flying Lotus’ next project, alongside working on the upcoming Parliament album Medicaid Fraud Dog, the first since 2014.

Childish Gambino touches down in Australia in just over a week, performing at this year’s Falls Festival in Byron Bay, Marion Bay, Lorne and Fremantle and Field Day in Sydney.

Image: Pigeons and Planes