Weekly Video Roundup

Another week and another crop of fresh music videos from some of your favourite artists and some of your new favourite artists (you just don’t know it yet). We’ve taken the time to round them all up for you to take a gander at below

Emma Louise – Illuminate

The video for Emma Lousie’s hugely successful Illuminate is a beautiful marriage between music and visuals. Under blue lights, there are dancers moving together as one to bring the words to life and the video paired with the music is so natural and seamless it is as though they were created together as one performance piece.

Coming together for their fourth video, it is a collaboration between the singer and director Dylan Duclos using choreography by Jason Winters and it is a true testament to the adage that sometimes, less is more.

Bloc Party – Stunt Queen

They may have only released Hymns in January, but already the revamped Bloc Party have dropped a new single Stunt Queen. Written along with a bunch of other new material during their tour with Falls Festival earlier in the year, the song is reminiscent of their earlier work while (note the the hints of Silent Alarm, particularly at the open) with the renewed energy that comes with a fresh lineup.

The video is a classic tour diary, sticking strong with the theme and narrative that finds its footings somewhere between the sticky floors of The Forum (Melbourne) and Enmore (Sydney) Theatres.

AYLA – Like The Other Kids

A decked out abandoned train carriage, lush fields and daisy chains make up the sweet, sun-drenched visuals for the new video from Sunshine Coast’s AYLA. Going her own way as she frolics through the greenery, chops firewood and takes aim at beer cans with a slingshot, the video is a symbol of personal libation and a celebration of the wonderfully feeling of fulfilment that comes with forging your own path.

Big White – Down At The Beach

The song might be called Down At The Beach, but the new video from Sydney’s Big White was filmed in an abandoned Belgian castle between shows in Paris and Amsterdam. Shooting the footage themselves, they opted to avoid a beach clip as the song is about “killing something that’s old”, letting go and finding time and space to reflect.

With the filtered, hand-shot footage, the video has a certain poignant nostalgia about it, ensuring that they achieved just that. A far cry from (and far better than) the cheesy tourist beach shots they could have gone for instead.

Dave – Six Paths

Fresh from his game-changing remix with Toronto’s incumbent king Drake, South London’s Dave has returned with the third visual accompaniment from his incredible Six Paths EP. Embodying the same stunning artistic direction, the title track video shows Dave stunting eerily in black and white with a medieval castle as his setting. Tying in with the dark, gritty, string lead beat, Dave brings his same razor sharp bars.

To keep with tradition, there’s even a cameo from collaborator AJ Tracey proving these two are bros ‘til the end.

Sampa The Great – HERoes (The Response)

After sending out a call to action in the first half of HERoes earlier this month, the incredible Sampa The Great has returned with its answer. Sporadic electronic tones open the tune, making way for a truly neck shattering African-influenced drum beat.

Sampa flexes a seriously incredible flow alongside her always constant attention to lyricism. As she raps at an incredible pace, despite it being a lyric video, it’s hard enough just to read along. 

Action Bronson – Durag vs. Headband

Everyone’s favourite Albanian rapper turned chef in Action Bronson has finally returned with the new hilariously named track Durag vs Headband. Featuring the whole Fuck That’s Delicious crew, plus producer and Ancient Aliens co-star Knxwledge.

Both the video and music are outstanding, the whole gang filling the screen with their raw tenacity over a rough boom bap beat by Knx and always on point verses by Bronson. Not to mention Big Body Bes on the hook, reminding all once again how incredible he is.

The Avalanches – Because I’m Me

After returning oh so wonderfully at the start of this year and dropping their highly anticipated sophomore album Wildflower, The Avalanches have been casually releasing a number of music videos from the project over the last few months. Obviously, they’ve saved the best until now though, with the video for Because I’m Me.

This heartstring-plucking love tale follows a young kid in the subway trying to seduce the girl behind the ticket desk. What results is an incredible sing and dance video which is simply put, brilliantly acted, choreographed and scripted. It’s pretty much the definition of feel-good.

YG – One Time Comin’

A possible glimpse into an upcoming project, YG’s One Time Comin’ continues with the police brutality themes which are evident throughout much of his music.

Shots of YG evading the police by car are paired with shocking first person footage of an innocent man frantically on the run, who is inevitably shot for no reason. It’s a powerful video with a similarly intense track below.

I AM D – Seven Deuce

Brisbane’s most veracious emcee, I AM D, has come a long way since his 90s inspired boom bap tracks early in his career. After releasing a range of new and fresh, yet similarly dark anthems over the last few months, the D has now returned with yet another straight to the point track in Seven Deuce.

Paired with bold cinematography, this track is nothing short of fire. There’s no sugarcoated hooks to be found here either, just three minutes of the ill-est verses around, demonstrating I AM D’s skill brilliantly.

twelveAM – On My Own

One of Melbourne’s latest rising stars in twelveAM has released the video to his catchy heartfelt tune, On My Own. The track leads his debut EP, demonstrating briefly his ear for brilliant hooks, alongside his unique melodic flow and deep tone, painting a vivid picture as he longs for a lover.

No doubt he’ll be one to watch in the months to come.

Johnossi – Air Is Free

One of Sweden’s largest bands, the platinum selling Johnossi, have returned with yet another rock scorcher to get you grooving. Backed by harsh guitar riffs, bopping bass lines, marching drums and incredible, powerhouse vocals, Air Is Free follows a young nomad as he yearns for independence and freedom.

The result is a truly moving journey, with a soundtrack that is oh so sweet. 

High Klassified – Gold feat. Mick Jenkins

One of Montreal’s finest upcoming producers, High Klassified has blessed us with a vocal collaboration with a similarly incredible artist in Chicago lyrical legend Mick Jenkins. With its smooth, jazzy and booming beat, we see its producer starring in a spooky love story.

Just in time for the Halloween period, the surrealistic clip is fit with creepy bunnies, eerie dolls and clowns, not to mention the sheer insanity of the narrative. Definitely a see it to believe it type video!

Bad//Dreems – Mob Rule 

After recently wrapping up their tour with Sydney rockers DMA’s, Adelaide kings Bad//Dreems have followed this up with the release of an incredible new track Mob Rule.

This rough and tough anthem sees the lads reflecting on Australia’s own culture, and what better way that to piece the whole track together with a range of hazy, 80s TV excerpts and clips.

Image: Pitchfork