Gucci Mane makes Highest Chart Appearance on Rae Sremmurd’s “Black Beatles”

If you’ve heard of the viral Mannequin Challenge, you’ve likely heard Rae Sremmurd and Gucci Mane on Black Beatles. It’s the track that all the best mannequin videos have in the background, and it’s a pretty big hit. So much of a hit that it has entered the Billboard Hot 100 Top 10. Sitting at number 9, it’s Gucci Mane’s highest appearance on the charts.

If you are unaware of what the mannequin challenge actually is (or you’re just sick of these damn kids and their internet memes), here’s the rundown. Basically, it’s a “challenge” where a group of people all pose in completely still, looking as if time has frozen. The camera person pans around and shows everyone who’s frozen, and it looks really cool. If done well, it should looks like a scene from The Matrix, albeit with less leather.


Rae Sremmurd and Gucci Mane have both gotten in on the trend as well, tweeting a video of them doing the challenge on tour.

The track is an absolute banger, and it’s a great high for Gucci Mane. Prior to Black Beatles, Gucci’s top chart appearance was No Type, which peaked at 16. Rae Srummurd’s track has also claimed the number 5 spot in the Billboard streaming tracks chart, and with the attachment of the meme, it shows no signs of slowing soon.

Image: ShakeAMix