PLAYLIST: The Best New Australian Singles

November can mean one of two things for the music community. 1) It’s only a month until Christmas, a phenomenon which will cause Michael Buble to emerge from his hovel to terrorise shopping centre playlists once again, and 2) it’s Aus Music Month, which not only means that there’s a stack of new local music out each week, but that we get to reflect on the very best of it.

We’ve put together a playlist compiling some of the best new music of the month so far. Enjoy!

Hollow Coves, Coastline

Brisbane based Hollow Coves wind things back to a time of simple beauty and peace with their atmospheric, uplifting folk. Similar to the floatiness of Dustin Tebbutt or early Georgia Fair, Coastline proclaims intentions of “moving away” to a place of sun, laughter, and happiness. Not one to listen to when the feels of 3:30 roll around in the workplace, but perfect for the excitement and beauty of an adventure.

San Mei, Rewind

The alt-rock songstress first rose to our attention with the grainy Revel, and the synth-driven Rewind shows that this new young-gun has no intentions of slowing down. A driving dance beat kicks things off with an ambient, dark riff before opening up into a sweeping half-time chorus. A dynamic, exciting tune from a singer yet to release her first EP.

Kllo, Walls To Build (Mall Grab Remix)

A soulful, moody re-work of Kllo’s wonderful original, the upcoming Mall Grab playfully mixes up the tempo and vocal delivery of the original cut, adding a bluesy keys line above the vocals, accompanied by a bass line straight out of an acid-jazz club. The remixtakes the bouncy feeling of the original and crafts it into something darker and more reflective. Perfect for the late-night playlist.

Holy Holy, Elevator

The band’s 2015 debut When The Storms Would Come was one of the most mature, well-crafted releases of the year. If new single Elevator is anything to go by, it sounds like the band is backing it up with another sensational release. The track slowly ascends to the heavens with a joyous guitar solo erupting out of the chorus, providing the song with the fuel needed to shoot onwards to a triumphant finish. Paint, the band’s new album, is set for release February 24, and the band is currently in the middle of a huge national tour.

Sa. May, Booty Calls feat. B Wise

Hailing from the Northern Beaches, the electronic producer/singer experiments with the world of reggae and hip-hop with this moody new release. A strong feature from B Wise gives the song a much-needed boost in the verse, and the melody of the chorus is infectious. A successful blend of styles from the young musician.

The Jensens, Everybody Talks

The simplicity of good alt-rock will always have a special place in my heart, and this newest cut from The Jensens ticks all the boxes. It has a fun melody, a catchy chorus, a mysterious bridge and most importantly, isn’t too hard to follow. A summer festival-ready tune for sure.


From the opening hits of the kick drum, it’s clear that this one isn’t gonna suit a DF with more than 2 people on it. The sensual track has a seriously strong Anderson .Paak vibe to it, and that’s no bad thing. The horns in the second verse turn up the heat on the track, and all it needs is a stronger beat to kick in. Unfortunately, this doesn’t eventuate, but a strong song is still a strong song.

Holly Throsby, What Do You Say

It’s been five long years since we’ve heard any new music from Holly Throsby, but thankfully half a decade of silence hasn’t dampened the creative flair of this songstress. What Do You Say is a beautiful duet with Mark Kozelek, touching on the themes of reconciliation and the effect of time on a relationship. The song itself is based around a simple acoustic riff which swells with the lyrics but never spills over, with the calm dynamic providing the perfect backdrop to the heartbreaking lyrics.

Alex The Astronaut, Already Home

Former Sydneysider turned New Yorker Alex The Astronaut returns to the airwaves with this laid back, reflective song. The song reminisces on the unchangeable aspect of life, with the singer lamenting the fact that there are “Billionaires for presidents and parking fines at hospitals,” whilst noting in a bemused tone that “kids in their school uniforms get off at the same time as me, I offer them my good luck…hope they’re happy when they are sleepy.” Sometimes life is just strange, and this song captures it perfectly.

Isabel, Stay

2016 has seen a resurrection of neo-soul of sorts, and Australia is placing itself right in the mix. This cut from Brisbane songstress Isabel fuses some more electronic elements with the genre, and the result is a unique and exciting song that somehow grooves yet tenderly floats all at once. Exciting things coming up for this new singer.

Image: The Jensens, supplied