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Having A Shit Week? Here, Have These David Bowie Emojis

Get ready for all current emojis to be rendered obsolete, because there are DAVID BOWIE EMOJIS on the way.

Well, kind of. The two new emojis, part of a release of 72 new emoji with Apple’s iOS 10.2, are technically named “singer” emojis but they both sport Bowies’ trademark Aladdin Sane-era lightning bolt facepaint along with some crazy ‘dos. I guess you could argue that they’re as much Lady GaGa emoji as they are Bowie emoji, but you’d probably get some pretty strong side-eye from a lot of people.

Aside from the Bowie emoji, there’s actually a lot more to love about the new wave of tiny lil pics to decorate your messages/Tweets/status/Insta captions with. Now women have a much richer wealth of diversity in their emoji choices. Instead of just like a princess or salsa dancer or bride, there are also emojis depicting professors, scientists, doctors, farmers and more that are female in appearance. Pretty fitting that this more inclusive range is the one that Bowie’s own depiction comes as a part of, given his track record of combating gender norms and stereotypes.


David Bowie was a goofy, dad-joke crackin’ dude who loved pop culture. He was even a voice actor on Spongebob Squarepants. As incredible and timeless and important as his contribution to music was, he was not one to take himself very seriously. Case in point:

Oh, and the time he took the absolute piss out of Rove McManus:

So, yeah. Not the most serious of all humans, which honestly makes him all the more loveable. Plus, Bowie was a tech innovator and computer programmer in his own right too, so what better way to pay tribute to this dearly departed modern day renaissance man? Idk about you, but my ‘recently used’ emojis will never be the same.

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Image: CNN Money