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Weekly Video Roundup: Flume, Royskopp, Katranada & More

Bundles and bundles of new music, albums, videos and more are out coming out every week, and 2016 seems to be one of the most fruitful years in memory. Here’s this week’s best videos!

Sparrow – Get To Know You

A delightfully kitsch and somewhat eccentric clip featuring, this new video from Sydney’s Sparrow is a soft, playful adventure through the awe-inspiring, picturesque Blue Mountains.

It all seems a bit odd at first: the handmade animal masks, the toy instruments, the styling which seems to feature socks as mittens… But it all makes sense once you find out that the whole story behind the song informs the video. Speaking on Get To Know You, the singer explained that she had found herself in one of those magical festival settings where you’re having the time of your life with a bunch  of strangers. “I think the costumes certainly played a role in us being able to express ourselves freely. The video is a fun extension of this experience… the masks and styling creates an other-wordly feel.”

The actors in the video too, were all strangers who all got to know one another as the day of filming went on. “We are all strangers but could easily get to know each other if we wanted too, but we often don’t and I wish we would more.”

Röyksopp  – Never Ever ft. Susanne Sundfør

Two words: Intergalactic. Disco.

Honestly what more could you even want from a music video?  Stepping away from their usual dark, sombre approach to music videos, the clip for Röyksopp‘s Never Ever is full of colour, shape, movement and some very disco outfits. The result is a fun, at times kind of strange but ultimately carefree, video that fits pretty perfectly with the energy of the song – which needless to say is set on high.  With Never Ever, the duo have made an effort to strip away the serious art business facade in favour of a refreshing burst of colour, energy and fun that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Kaytranada – You’re The One ft. Syd

Having just released his new mixtape 0.001% last week, Kaytranada has now dropped the video for his Syd (Tha Kyd)-featuring track You’re The One, from his award-winning, critically acclaimed debut LP 99.9%. The idea from the video, directed by Shomi Patwary (Beyonce, A$AP Rocky, Mark Ronson) was born out of Kaytranada’s favourite episode of the sitcom Martin in which an African prince turns up with the offerings of life-changing opportunities. The music video, however, takes a slightly different turn. It looks decidedly 90s, which works well with the whole Martin theme and is set up to seem a lot like an episode of a TV show, complete with a girl’s night in and a fancy af party.

Dave – Wanna Know

One of the UK’s most promising acts is undoubtedly South London’s Santan Dave. The 17 year old blew up with the huge hit Thiago Silva alongside friend and collaborator AJ Tracey, and while AJ has been churning out banger after banger, Dave has been hard at work on his upcoming Six Paths EP. Six tracks deep, last month Dave dropped the first single, the thought-provoking piano based Picture Me, yet now he’s returned with an even catchier tune. Brilliantly shot by Dir. Lx  with Italy as the backdrop, Wanna Know sees him flexing his variety as an artist, singing and rhyming over a more mid tempo, bass heavy beat.

Flume – Heater

After dropping his incredible sophomore album Skin earlier this year, and even announcing that he has a series of EPs on the way, Australia’s favourite good guy himself Flume has dropped a new single for a good cause. Used as the background song for the latest #KeepSydneyOpen video, Heater is an atmospheric, wavy banger which undeniably sounds like a lost deep cut to his LP. We only hope that this track features on a later project so that we can get that official release.

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Born Joy Dead – Sourdough

Fresh from their unbelievable showcases at this year’s Bigsound, Brissy boys Born Joy Dead have returned with a punchy new single called Sourdough. An infectious blend of enchanting guitar riffs, bouncing drums, and a calming yet uplifting tone from front man Ben Dalton, this is feel good in the best of ways. The tune is a result of the band’s new organic writing style, and so far we can’t fault it! Even the video parallels this good natured feel, with a hilarious office instructional video which will have you playing office chair dodgems in no time.

Captain Murphy – Crowned

Thanks to Adult Swim’s Singles series, we’ve been lucky enough to have some incredible tunes from the likes of Vince Staples, Earl Sweatshirt and Ryan Hemsworth, and if it couldn’t get any better, Flying Lotus himself has made an appearance. Performing in the form of his alias Captain Murphy, Crowned is an incredibly evil and shivering track, in which Lotus’ rap ego flexes a distorted and unearthly sound as he tangles rhymes into place. It’s like a real horror movie – so gripping that you just can’t look away.

Image: Flume / Cybele Malinowski