Nicolas Jaar’s New Album Is Here And It is Stunning

Throughout his career, Nicolas Jaar has been positioned as one of the most interesting, and enigmatic electronic artists in the world. His music is melodic while flying beneath all radars, ambient and driving, hypnotic and mysterious. Couple this with his sparse releases and unique release choices (avant-garde film soundtracks, three-part EPs) and the fleeting nature of many of his projects (Darkside) keeps fans guessing, searching, starving for more.

Last week, Nicolas Jaar announced a new six-track album, Sirens. Officially set for release this Friday (September 30) it’s his second ever solo sophomore album, following 2011’s Space Is Only Noise. Last year, he released three EPs and two soundtracks.

Ahead of the official release, Jaar is now streaming the album on his own digital radio frequency, THE NETWORK.

The six track album is a lush, diverse blend of sounds, rhythms, instrumentation and experimentation in a way thoroughly unique to Jaar. With some tracks spanning three minutes and others, twelve, the scope and formation of each track is as intriguing as the sounds themselves. His deep, velvety voice lies low, toying with serious progressions and playful rhythms, constantly pushing boundaries and expanding on atmosphere, sound, and space.

Click here to listen to Sirens. 

Sirens officially comes out this Friday via Jaar’s own label Other People.

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Image: DIYMag