Nicolas Jaar Announces New Album “Sirens”

Nicolas Jaar has announced a new full-length album, Sirens, set to be released on September 30, via his own label Other People. It’s his first full album since debut release Space is Only Noise in 2011, and although Jaar had been quiet for some time with regards to his own solo projects, he had about five releases in 2015. Last year he released an updated soundtrack to the 1969 film The Colour of Pomegranates, and the soundtrack to Deephan, which took home the coveted Palme D’Or prize at the Cannes Film Festival. He also released three Nymphs EPs, II, III and IV (yes, that’s not a typo.)

Other than his solo work, Jaar’s last full length album came in the form of Psychic, the legendary (and brilliant), now-defunct collaboration with Dave Harrington, known as Darkside. The 2013 album was their only album, save for the Darkside EP two years prior. To this day Darkside remains one of the greatest live shows I have ever encountered in my life, and still mourn their disbanding.

Jaar teased new music earlier in 2016, by posting artwork (which we now know to be the album cover) to social media. Recently, he launched his own radio network, on which the album will be spinning ahead of its official release.

Check out the track listing below, and the four alternate album covers.

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1. Killing Time
2. The Governor
3. Leaves
4. No
5. Three Sides of Nazareth
6. History Lesson





Image: Decibel Festival