Brodinski Drops ATL-Rap Heavy Mixtape

French electronic mastermind and Bromance Records head honcho, Brodinski has dropped a new mixtape entitled Sour Patch Kids. If you’re a fan of Atlanta sounds then it’s well worth your attention.

It’s no secret that the producer, who was once best known for his deep, hypnotic, uniquely French techno tunes, has been enchanted by rap in recent years. From working with Kanye West on Yeezus, to releasing his brilliant trap-heavy album Brava last year and more, Brodinski seemingly has as much love for the Atlanta scene as he does for his Parisian hometown.

Sour Patch Kids came out last week, just weeks after Brodinski teased collaborations with 21 Savage and Johnny Cinco. The 13 track offering features at least one guest on every single track including Jose Guapo, Hoodrick Pablo Juan, Yung Booke, B La B and more. The nature of both Brava and Sour Patch Kids, 14 and 13 tracks respectively, sees Brodinski take on the role of masterful curator as well as producer. Each release features a plethora of his favourite upcoming Atlanta rappers, predominantly connected via both his production and his drive to support and promote the artists.

Once again furthering his powerful blend of heavy trap and Atlanta rap with his immense production capabilities, it’s a whole lot of fun – even if you’re not usually a fan of the sound.

Stream the whole mixtape right here.

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Artwork by Guillaume Berg