Weekly Video Round Up

This week in the world of music videos feels like a walk down nostalgia lane. The collection of clips we are have for you are at times raw, fuzzy, frenzied, colourful and full of feeling. With directors taking us everywhere from inside the machine to the depths of the ocean, there’s a whole journey to be had, so get clicking below and bring the weekend in with some solid viewing.

King Gizzard and the Lizard WizardRobot Stop

In search of a face melter? King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard have got your back with their video for track Robot Stop. These guys have been busy, playing a slew of sold out shows across the country, and it’s easy to see why.

The video is the next installment in their Nonagon Infinity series and comes to us via director Jason Galea. “It’s about wear and tear. Its also about lazer beams, plagues, computers, cogs, endurance and reincarnation,” he says of the 8 bit seizure inducer. The band are just about to embark on a UK/Europe tour, and the full Nonagan Infinity film is set for completion before the end of 2016. These guys don’t believe in breathers, and that’s just fine with us.

James Vincent McMorrowRising Water

More short film than video clip, the visuals to accompany James Vincent McMorrow’s Rising Water have surfaced and taken us into the deep. The clip tells a story of love found and lost at the edge of a dark, swirling and infinite sea. Stunning choreography, so many pensive stares and McMorrow’s delicate lyricism is sure to make you feel all the feelings.

The clip comes as part of Tidal’s exclusive content, where full album We Move will be released in the near future. Check it out here.

Mild High ClubSkiptracing

Jilted jangles of reverberated sunshine sound like a cassette tape played so many times the sounds warp. Frontman Alexander Brettin transports listeners to another era, like a washed out polaroid of a day at the beach, with the clip to accompany taking all those throwback vibes and bringing them to life with a collection of snapshots that could easily be stolen from the memory of your parents.

It’s nostalgia for something you’ve never had at it’s very best. As the title track off upcoming record due out August 26th, we look forward to some more time travel shortly.

Sa-RocNSFW (Not Safe For Weak Rappers)

This clip is not the usual NSFW that you’re used to, so no need to swivel that monitor away from the gaze of unwanted eyes. Sa-Roc‘s energetic rhymes are definitely not safe for weak rappers, and she slays them accordingly with her lyrical ammunition. There are stunning visuals to accompany from Sol Messiah, showcasing the goddess MC in all her colourful beauty.

In case you weren’t sure that you need to get up on this now, the track features a cameo from Sway In The Morning hosts Tracy G and Sway Calloway. Do yourself a favour and be ahead of the game.

Dom ZillaTonight

Newcastle based producer Dom Zilla started making tracks in his bedroom at the age of 12, and by 19 his beats were being used by the likes of Raekwon, Skinnyman and Fallacy. It is no surprise then that his luscious and textured soundscapes are now earning him critical acclaim. Track Tonight is lovely and understated with a video that traces the moment when two paths converge with an electric connection.

Dom is one to watch in 2016 and is further proof that Aus soil is fertile breeding grounds for the best electronic talent.

 Photo credit: Rhymesayers