Jhené Aiko Shares Stunning New Single “New Balance”

Jhené Aiko has the perfect cure to make your slow Tuesday afternoon a little better.

She has taken to Twitter to share a rough version of a sweet little track called New Balance via a Tumblr link. Big Sean replied to the tweet, encouraging her to release the track as it is.

To be honest, we completely agree.


If this will remain to be the rough cut, I can’t wait to hear what the properly mastered version sounds like. The beautiful backing track twinkles with the sound of a simple piano melody, slowly building as the percussion is added. The drum reminds us of the sound of a beating heart, keeping the theme of the song intact. Her smooth voice shines over the top, singing lyrics that explore the helplessly blissful feelings of the early stages of love.

“It hit me like a tidal wave// Knew that I was in love with you right away, yeah// Turned all my days into brighter days// even when people say what we do is not okay.”

In April this year, Sean and Aiko released an EP together Twenty88 that peaked at number one on Billboard’s Top R&B/ Hip Hop Album charts. You’ll understand why if you listen to it. The chemistry between two is undeniable as they come together for melodies as beautiful as this track.

Listen to the track below via Aiko’s Soundcloud.

Image: The AU Review