Chrysta Bell and David Lynch Team Up for EP

California-based artist Chrysta Bell is a dream-pop visionary, and David Lynch is an artistic genius. While Bell may not be a remarkably common name, Lynch is widely known and hailed for his surreal and unique artistic style. You probably know him from Twin Peaks. Or The Elephant Man. Or Mulholland Drive. All of these share a quite avant-garde quality, and it seems as if this latest collaboration between the two will produce some brilliant dream pop.

The pair have worked together previously, with Bell’s debut album This Train having been written and produced by Lynch. The singer also featured on the soundtrack for Lynch’s 2006 film Inland Empire, and has performed at a 2015 David Lynch Foundation Concert.

This latest EP is set to be released October 7, and was also written and produced by the filmmaker. Lynch has stated his admiration for Bell before, saying in a press release: “The first time I saw her perform, I thought she was like an alien. The most beautiful alien ever.”

He also praised her musical ability, remarking that she has a “great intuitive ability to catch a mood and find a melody that’s really spectacular.” You can stream a single from the upcoming EP below, called Beat The Beat.

Whilst this EP is in the works, Chrysta Bell is also working on her second studio album, which is set to feature such collaborations as John Parish (who has previously worked with PJ Harvey) and Stephen O’Malley from Sunn O))) fame, amongst others.

The LP does not have a confirmed release date yet, maintaining the placeholder of “next year” instead.

Image: Chrysta Bell