The Gaslamp Killer Releases Details for His New Album “Instrumentalepathy”

Underground hip-hop producer and DJ The Gaslamp Killer has detailed what his new album will entail, and it’s a pretty interesting concept. Set to be released on the 16th of September, the record was recorded after his near death experience resulting from a car accident in 2013. Apparently “recorded after” was taken extremely literally, with the first five minutes of the album consisting of him on “tons of morphine,” according to a press release.

The album will be themed around a reflection of The Gaslamp Killer’s life before and after the accident, and will feature 11 tracks plus a bonus. A number of collaborations have been included, with artists such as Kid MoxieMiguel Atwood-Ferguson and Mophono appearing. In addition to this, there is a trailer for the album, made by “steve,” which is actually the moniker that Flying Lotus takes on when he directs anything.

Instrumentalepathy will be the follow-up to The Gaslamp Killer’s 2012 album Breakthrough, still a great album to this day. It mixed eastern-styled strings with a distinctly urban set of beats, and even ventured into the free-form structure of jazz at times. A bit of a mess, it nonetheless worked quite well to convey a sense of crazy miscellany.

The album announcement also comes with a new single, titled Residual Tingles, which is a pretty nice taste of what’s to come. The sound is a little more mature than those heard on Breakthrough, and even incorporates a number of violins to round the sound.

Image: The Gaslight Killer