Chance The Rapper Debuts on “Good Morning America”

Move aside Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel and Stephen Colbert.  Chance The Rapper has had enough of your support of the arts and your ever-growing roster of incredible performances. Chance wants to push outside of the traditional performance medium created in the States and bring his music to people whether they want to hear it or not.

That’s exactly why the rapper appeared on Good Morning America yesterday, using the unique platform to perform his soulful and groovy cut Summer Friends from his latest mixtape Colouring Book. The performance itself showcased the incredible live setup of the rapper, with everything produced live in the studio.

Opening with a tender vocoder solo, Chance’s backing synth player perfectly reproduced the mysterious tones heard on the original recording. Rather than drop into the beats of the studio version, a grand piano player provided the melodic lines for Chance to drop his bars over, adding a sense of class to the occasion.

The rapping itself was spellbinding, with Chance delivering his lines with conviction and passion, allowing the groove picking up around the 2:55 mark and harnessing the power of his voice to bring the song up a gear. Watch below.

It’s not the first time Chance has had people excited over his artistic take on hip-hop, with his tribute to Muhammad Ali  at the recent ESPY Awards catching both the music and sporting world’s attention.

Luckily, Australian fans will have the chance to catch Chance live when he visits for Beyond The Valley Festival in December as well as Origin NYE and perhaps more dates on the calendar yet to be revealed..

Image: MTV