REVIEW: Emma Louise Teaches how to Share Emotion on “Supercry”

In our interview with Emma Louise, she revealed how she feels it is important to put as much honesty into her music as possible. You can quickly hear that after just a couple of songs of her new album Supercry. Stop and let her teach you a few things about keeping it real and telling people exactly how you feel.

The opening of All We Ask Is Time provides a preview for exactly what you’re going to get from the rest of the album; a stunningly beautiful melody. Though it is a short introduction to Supercry, the simple melody showcases her light voice that sounds as sweet as the chime of a small bell.

As one of the singles ahead of the album, Talk Baby Talk is catchy, a welcome earworm melody. The slow, mellow tone is set by the light crashing of the percussion that keeps the beat constant. She sings as if she is trying to save a relationship, using lyrics like, “oh why can’t we just talk about it?”

The deep and interesting sounds of Underflow coupled with her calm voice do their best to sooth any stress or negative energy that may be distracting your focus. The beautiful story of saying goodbye to a doomed long-distance relationship is brought to life. “I put my white flag in the wind to let my love know I’m giving up,” she sings the words of defeat. Everything Will Be Fine starts with the same soothing melody that sounds like a bed of water. As soon we get to the chorus, however, an uneasy electric haze takes over. Although the lyrics repeat the words, “everything will be fine”, the sound of the music portrays a different message. This was a cool touch when you think about the feelings of worry and unsureness that she is portraying here.

Although the entire album deals with a number of issues that are close to the heart, it’s the final two songs that will raise the need for a tissue box within arm’s reach.

Grace has an amazing piano melody that leads on to some of the most heart-warming lyrics I’ve ever heard. Her angelic voice sings about a woman who seems to mean a lot to her and has been there for her in times of need. “She is my source of grace/ and is everywhere,” are among the gorgeous words that are strung together to tell this beautiful story. It made me think of all the amazing women I’ve had in my life and how much I appreciate their presence in my world.

Although I enjoyed the atmosphere of all the track in this album, the themes used in the final song I Thought I Was A Ship resonated with me the most. The sweet piano returns, given us a light and calming atmosphere. Then, you hear the heartbreaking lyrics. “I thought I was a ship too heavy on the water/ so I threw you overboard.” It makes you remember that it is just as hard to break up with someone and see them move on as it is to be the one that is left broken-hearted.

The realness of the emotion certainly comes through as you travel throughout the full album. If you want to hear something organic and honest, Supercry is worth a few listens, in full.

The only thing better would be hearing them live, which you can do in later on in the year during her tour.

Supercry is available now.

Image: The Courier Mail