Jennifer Lopez & Hamilton’s Lin-Manual Miranda Team Up For Orlando Tribute

There have been many tributes to honour the devastating deaths of 49 innocent victims who were shot and killed at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando.

There is, however, another one on the way in the form of a song.

Jennifer Lopez is joining forces with the creator of the multi-Tony award winning hip hop musical Lin-Manuel Miranda to create a new track for those victims of the Orlando shooting.

The track is called Love Make the World Go Round, which is fitting when you recall what was said in Miranda’s acceptance speech at the Tony Awards as he honoured the victims in his own way:

“When senseless acts of tragedy remind us

That nothing here is promised, not one day

This show is proof that history remembers

We live through times when hate and fear seem stronger

We rise and fall and light from dying embers

Remembrances that hope and love lasts long

And love is love is love is love is love is love is love is love is love

Cannot be killed or swept aside”

From what we gathered from a video both Miranda and Lopez shared on Twitter, Miranda will be rapping on the track as Lopez sings above the upbeat melody.

Miranda raps through a paragraph of powerful lyrics in which the theme of love is depicted with great strength in the face of hate and tragedy:

“What we got is love even when the sinners hate us

We cannot let them diminish or intimidate us

We sing out, we got the rhythm and the true on our side

We cut through the divide and we do it with pride

A generation of innovators enabled to patiently wait for change ’cause change is what they’ve been afraid of the malevolence can wait

Raise a level of debate, celebrate, elevate.”

When Lopez takes over, she sings with just as much strength. The empowering lyrics pull focus from the beat inviting you to get up and dance. “We’re not staying inside today // they’re not taking our pride away.”


The money raised from the track will go to help Proyecto Somos Orlando, an initiative by the Hispanic Foundation. A passage from their website explains what the charity has set out to do, saying that they will focus on improving mental health services for people of different cultural backgrounds and help to care for the communities in times of emergency and crisis.

A release date for the track is still to be confirmed.

Image: Rolling Stone