Ludacris Plays “Freedom Festival” At Guantanamo Bay For July 4th

It’s the fourth of July in the USA, its day of independence, and Ludacris is honouring the occasion by performing as the headline act for a “freedom festival” at Guantanamo Bay. This marks the first time a rapper has performed there.

We’re unsure if this performance comes out of irony or protest but one thing’s for sure… it’s unique.

According to the Miami Herald, detainees at the camp will not be close enough to the concert to be able to hear what is going on, with the concert taking place in a car park miles away from the sea-front prison camps.

Speaking to Radio Gitmo before the event, Navy Chief Petty Officer Monique Hilley noted that, “Gitmo hasn’t seen a star with a big name as Ludacris in several years…the base is really looking forward to it.”

That’s some serious shots fired at Jimmy Eat World, Plain White T’s and Magic who have all played at the base in the past two years.

The performance will be the third time the rapper has performed for troops, previously giving a concert for soldiers at Fort Meade in Maryland in 2010, and a welcome home event for returning Iraq veterans in Texas in 2004.

While no reports of the show have trickled through, we feel sorry for the Gitmo soldiers who have to cough up the cash for his insane rider.

Guantanamo Bay K-9 training unit! Belgian Malinois Dogs like mine!

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