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Death Grips Share Batshit Crazy Video for “Giving Bad People Good Ideas”

It’s not secret that Death Grips have acquired a reputation for being a little (read: completely) wild, brash and unpredictable, but their new video is something else entirely. In the latest music video from the Californian experimental hip-hop group, a poor boot gets brutally mangled and forced to sing along to the Giving Bad People Good Ideas, from their most recent album Bottomless Pit. Oh, the humanity!

The video starts with an almost surgical like dismantling of the shoe, before the brash tones of MC Ride burst onto the scene, prompting violent shaking. What follows is a harrowing and torturous death of a perfectly good boot. What else will be destroyed in the name of art?!

This latest glimpse into the weird minds of the band comes after they dropped a track with Les Claypool, about a month and a half ago. This single also featured a crazy clip, consisting of a seizure-inducing banana. Seriously, I’d love to know what these guys are on.

In more recent news, it was announced that Death Grips’ Zach Hill and Andy Morin will be co-producing a new EP from fellow Sacramento band Drug Apts. The EP will be released on Interference Pattern Records, the brainchild of LCD Soundsystem‘s Tyler Pope.

Image: Consequence Of Sound