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clipping. Release Lyric Video for ‘Wriggle’

Following on from the release of Wriggle on Tuesday, the first piece of new material we’ve heard since their 2014 semi-self-titled album CLPPNG, clipping. are back today with the video for the new EP’s namesake.

With four solid minutes of a lo-fi television sitting among darkness flashing indecipherable lyrics at us, Wriggle’s video isn’t really much to look at. Sure the screen flickers different shades of purple and we’re presented with some moving text, but this is more of a statement than anything else. The clipped font both on screen and underneath has been used by the group before – both in promotional artwork and in the lyric video for Work Work. It’s next to impossible to read, and makes the process of watching a video solely about listening to the music and the lyrics instead. So what’s this saying really? That it’s more important to listen to how it’s said rather than what’s being said? What does “wriggle like an eel” really mean in the context of the song? The video asks more questions of the audience than it answers, and we’re meant to figure them all out for ourselves.

With a new clipping. full-length expected to be released later this year, no doubt we can also expect some videos in line with those of Inside Out and Work Work – far out and intricately shot. Stream Wriggle in full and purchase it over at Bandcamp in the meantime, and figure it all out.

Image: Clipping.