Kanye West May Be Touring Australia This Year

As always, Kanye West has been in the news this week. First up, he announced his first huge headline tour since 2013-2014, the Saint Pablo tour. He followed that up by removing The Life of Pablo from Tidal, only to re-add it with a brand new song, also called Saint Pablo.

His US tour dates currently run from August 25 until October 29, and now it’s looking like there’s a chance he’ll be touring Australia afterwards. He last visited the country in 2014 on the Yeezus tour.

To be clear, this is vague speculation based on a tweet, but my blinding false hope of finally getting see Kanye West live has led me to write about it.

As picked up by Music Feeds, someone recently asked West’s wife, Kim Kardashian, whether she’d be visiting Australia any time soon. She responded, “I think I saw some Australia tour dates floating around so if it’s all still the same, this year for sure!”

Of course, this may well just be Kardashian and her klan visiting our shores, but considering the fact that the tour has just been announced, meaning the world tour is well and truly on its way to being fully realised, it seems likely enough.

Further to this has been my ongoing speculation that Chance the Rapper will be touring with Kanye. Chance recently told a Reddit AMA that an Australian tour was on the cards, at which point I immediately noted the timely likelihood of him coming out as support for Kanye.

In terms of festivals, considering his notoriously high fees and the fact that our large-scale festival scene is dwindling, it’s possible but unlikely that he’ll be heading over for Falls or any of the other new years festivals. It seems more likely that an arena tour, complete with his famous mammoth stage productions, will be announced in the coming weeks.

Anyway, this could all be total lies and false hope and speculation, but it’s valid enough to fantasise about for now.

Image: Supplied