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Big Scary Unveil New Song “Over Matter,” Announce Album Release Date

Big Scary have returned. The Melbourne duo have today revealed new single – and accompanying video – Over Matter, ahead of their upcoming third album Animal, set for release on September 2, 2016. It’s the second single from the album, following on from last year’s stunning Organism, .which was their first release since 2013’s groundbreaking sophomore album Not Art.

The track begins on a pulsating synth and wide, open vocals. Meanwhile, the stunning clip, created by Keke Marc Robertson, takes you through a kind of elegant, spookily computerised, underwater matrix. It’s absolutely mesmerising, not unlike being taken through a constantly zoomed-in moving fractal, only far more vast and spaced apart. As this all takes place, the lyrics appear up front throughout.

The main vocals are incredibly delicate, particularly so in front of the budding rhythm and the velvety rich soars in the backdrop. This track takes its time to reveal itself, and it does so with utmost, precise care and deliberation. A percussive rhythm begins to appear throughout the second verse, while a distant, yet powerful bass line commands attention throughout. Subtle, yet crucial layers enter in piece by piece, forming rounds and bulging phrases as the atmosphere continues to grow with a kind of silent stealth. After the four-minute mark comes in an incredible saxophone solo courtesy of collaborator Gus Rigby – one that I can only hope I’ll get to see live some time soon.

Both Over Matter and Organism have been completely different to what we’ve previously heard from the incredibly talented duo. I am so excited to hear what’s next.

The band, Tom Iansek and Jo Syme, had this to say about the new track:

“Hello. This song is “Over Matter” from our soon to be released third album ‘Animal.’ This song is in many ways at the emotional and spiritual heart of Animal. Lyrically it can be seen as descent into madness; life attacking from all angles; hysteria and confusion building to a simmering cacophony. There is also a surrender to all these things in the end, and the beginning of a transformation. Musically this song focuses on the interplay of layers, many of them simple and repetitive, reinforcing the themes of the track and ultimately giving way to the stunning and serene saxophone performed by Big Scary regular Gus Rigby.

The album will be released September 2nd, and while we won’t give away too much right now, we can say that it has been shaped for a unique vinyl listening experience, so it will be available on vinyl as well as digital that date.

Happy Listening

Tom and Jo”

Check out the cover art and track listing below. The vinyl will be split into four distinct sides, with tracks listed beneath four titles:

HUNTING – Oxygen, Organism, Double Darkness, Savior Add Vice

LURKING – Lone Bird, the Endless Story, Flutism, Up and Up and Up

RESTING – Breath Under Water, The Opposite of us, Heaven on Earth

WAKING – Over Matter, Lamina

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