Big Scary drop bloody excellent new video clip

Big Scary, bless their souls, have just released a hilariously brilliant clip for their latest single Organism. Guaranteed, you will not know what to expect, even when you’re half way through the clip. Lead singer Tom Iansek is the star of video, and more accurately – his dance moves. You may in fact have witnessed these dance moves before. Think about the last time your dad threw caution to the wind, and broke out his dancing shoes at a family occasion. While you may have buried your head in your hands and prayed for a swift death as he attempting what he defines as “dancing”, watching Iansek work his moves is pure joy.

Incredibly, the clip is filmed in a single-shot – meaning no cut-aways, no edits and more impressively (and more excruciating for everyone involved) – no mistakes. Starting at the microphone, before long he’s busting out some moves as the camera draws back to reveal a pair of female dancers decked out in silver. Jo isn’t quite centred, and certainty isn’t quite keeping time with the girls, which makes it all the better.

Palm fronds obscure your vision for a moment as a set alteration presumably takes place. Before long he’s shimmering up onto stage at the Fitzroy Town Hall with a complete band standing on podium with a shiny gold backdrop behind them. Because why not?

Oh, and the song is incredible too.

I hope you watch the video with a stupid grin on your face just as I did.

Incredibly sadly, Big Scary and their dance moves are not scheduled to hit Ausralian shores anytime soon – as they’re currently touring around Europe and the US.

Cross your fingers people, this needs to be witnessed live.