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Three Albums That Changed My Life: White Lung

It’s been two years since White Lung released an album. After the huge success of Deep Fantasy, the band have bunkered down in order to create their new record, Paradise, and now we are finally about to hear it. Out May 6 via Domino Records, White Lung have packed in more than a few punches into their 28-minute record. Having also just released the video to their new single, Hungry, it’s safe to say Paradise is going to be one hell of an album.

Ahead of it’s release, we asked vocalist Mish Barber-Way which three albums changed her life. You can check out her answers below, and brace yourself for the release of Paradise come May 6th!

Girlschool, Hit & Run

Girlschool were the greatest British hard rock band to ever exist. I think they even beat Motörhead in my books, even though Lemmy championed those girls so hard. Kelly Johnson had the best guitar tones, always wrote these perfect solos that were just enough without showboating. Hit & Run is a total hit album. Every song could have been a single. It’s this bratty, loud, sweet rock record by four women who could really play and embraced hard rock with style. This record still makes me excited every time I hear it.

Royal Trux, Veterans of Disorder

Jennifer Herrema and Neil Hagerty made some of the weirdest rock albums, but when I heard Veterans of Disorder I was kind of blown away. I don’t have a singers voice. I have a voice that gives me trouble, that makes me work for it. Herrema just always had that kind of voice and she rode it perfectly. She straddled this lacklustre way with her vocals that I was so attracted to. It was her whole thing. Her whole grit. And Neil is one of the coolest guitar players. No one sounds like Royal Trux or even comes close.

David Allen Coe, Penitentiary Blues

It’s easy to write off David Allan Coe as some dry, old, perverted bigot, but his debut album that came out in 1970 is the perfect country blues record about getting locked up in jail, working your way off drugs and falling in love. This record taught me how to tell vivid, direct stories. This album is hit after hit after hit. I love this record. It kick started something inside me.