Watch: Dixie Chicks Cover Beyoncé’s “Daddy Lessons”

In the lead up to their US tour, Dixie Chicks have done a cover of Beyoncé‘s Daddy Lessons off her latest (and in my opinion, greatest) album, Lemonade. The country track was a perfect fit for the group, and they covered it extremely well.

Queen B’s country/folk song dealing with the advice her father gave her regarding her cheating husband (fictional or otherwise) was a surprise hit to arise out of Lemonade. Obviously not the first time pop music has crossed boundaries into country music, this is arguably one of the finest. Country is a genre that has never really been known for its depth outside of its niche fanbase, but Beyoncé’s track not only integrated a great vocal melody with jaunty, danceable guitars, but the whole track fits well into the concept album. The passion and the anger in her voice couple with the lyrics to somewhat explain why she is speaking out about being cheated on (again, fictional or otherwise).

When questioned about it by Billboard, Kevin Cossom, co-writer of Daddy Lessons said of the track:

“It painted a country picture in our minds…It sounded tough. ‘So my daddy said shoot.’ You see the whiskey on the table. You see the rifle. It just had that feel to it. It didn’t take the hip-hop element to make it tough, which I think is very cool especially for Beyonce. And it goes with her being from Texas. Her vibe to it just makes sense for how it all came together.”

Apparently it painted so much of a country picture that an actual country music group thought it would be a good cover. Take a listen to the stirring rendition below. With added banjo, fiddle and vocals, they do the original a lot of justice.

Image: Rolling Stone