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Three Albums That Changed My Life: Highasakite

We are just three days out from the highly anticipated release of Norway’s Highasakite‘s new album release. Titled Camp Echo, a namesake taken from one of seven detention camps within Guantanamo Bay, Highasakite are set to build upon the already flawless ground work they’ve laid out thanks to previous records, further cementing their reputation as some of the finest music makers in the northern hemisphere.

With a touring schedule over the next few months that boasts the likes of The Great Escape and Latitude, it’s safe to say Highasakite are really starting to pick up across the globe – and for very good reason. Since they took the world’s breath away with their 2014 debut, Silent Treatment, HAAK have only gotten better, and that is evident from the recent string of singles we’ve been listening to over the past few months.

In the lead up to Camp Echo‘s release, we asked synth player Øystein Skar which three albums have changed his life. Check out his answers below and preorder Camp Echo here – you know you want to!

Fever Ray, Fever Ray

A huge inspiration for me! A lot of great synths and sounds put together inside very clever and tasty production. I really want to see this live sometime in the future. I have a lot of respect for Fever Ray and really like this project, and everything else that she does as well. Check it out!

Air, Talkie Walkie

This album really opened my mind when it comes to the form of songs. A friend showed it to me the first time and, like Fever Ray, this is also really, really good production. Everything is so tasteful and has a meaning to it. Great album by a great band.

Miles Davi​s, Kind of Blue

This is a standard answer for this kind of question, but there’s a reason for it! The way the band plays and interacts with each other is so good, special and inspiring to listen to. I have listened to this album so much, and still find new things to check out closer.