Three Albums That Changed My Life: KLP

KLP is a woman that needs no introduction. Having stepped up to fill the huge boots of Nina Las Vegas on triple J‘s House Party, she’s also forged her own path as a sensational artist. Possessing one hell of a set of pipes, she has carved out her own space in Australia’s pop music world and, with her strong sense of self and penchant for delicious pop tunes, has become a force to be reckoned with.

Now, she’s set to take her almighty live show on the road. Having kicked things off nicely in Wollongong last week, she is set to travel the country in support of her new single, Air. A shimmering slice of tropical pop, Air will be a fantastic addition to her already stellar live show, and will go down an absolute treat with it’s singalong hook.

To get to know her a little better, we asked KLP herself which three albums changed her life. You can check out not only her answers below, but a live video of her performing Air (featuring the Art Vs Science guys and Tim from Panama backing her up) and her remaining tour dates as well.

No Doubt, Tragic Kingdom

I still remember being a young girl watching Rage one morning, and then suddenly my world was thrown upside down the very first time I saw the Just A Girl music video. I just couldn’t believe there was this amazing chick with a blonde ponytail and red lips, singing and dancing and fronting a rock band with so much attitude. At the time I had never seen anything like it. I was obsessed. Don’t Speak, Spiderwebs – it really was an amazing record full of iconic songs.  I sang a lot of these tracks in the many first bands I was in as a kid. The way she sang, wrote, performed definitely had and still does have major influence on me.

Radiohead, Kid A

Some guys in a rock/Jazz band I played in throughout high school first showed me Radiohead. I was fascinated at how Thom Yorke wrote his lyrics and told these amazing stories, all the while mumbling and rambling slightly out of tune. I had been a fan of the albums before Kid A, but this one absolutely blew my mind. Everything In Its Right Place… what the fuck. That track is so beautiful I honestly get emotional listening to it, even now if I stop and focus on it. I have to say their next record Amnesiac closely follows this as a life changing record, but I guess Kid A was the first time I became truly attached to their music.

Tame Impala, Currents

This record came out when I was feeling really disillusioned about some of the types of music in the world. I didn’t have any fave albums at the time, EDM and trap were taking over pop and I felt like “songs” were being hidden underneath white noise builds and drops. But Kevin Parker put out this album and I felt deeply in love with music again. ‘Cause I’m A Man was a track that really made me sit and think when I first heard it. The way he explains how he feels and that whole male/female push pull is seriously amazing.  I only wish I could write such amazingly simple lyrics but be so effective in the way he interestingly delivers them. He’s a true genius.

Remaining KLP Tour dates: 

Friday, 20th May
Rocket Bar, Adelaide

Friday, 27th May
Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane

Friday, 3rd June
Shebeen, Melbourne

Saturday, 4th June
Newtown Social Club, Sydney

Sunday, 5th June
The Aviary Rooftop, Perth

Saturday, 11th June
Beach Road Hotel, Bondi

Sunday, 12th June
King St, Newcastle

Image: The Music