Stillwater Giants, by Daniel James Grant

Stillwater Giants Get Fined Mid Video Shoot

Perth indie rockers Stillwater Giants featured a surprise guest in the music video for their new single MontageWhile filming on a boat, they were stopped by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority and fined for heading out on the water in bassist Kyle Lockye’s boat.


The video starts off all colours and sunshine as the band members run playfully through a park singing their lyrics, not knowing what was about to happen. It was originally intended to be filmed in one long take and end with the band jumping onto a boat and heading out to sea. Unfortunately, once they emerged on the beach, they found the cops waiting for them.

Drummer Angus Watkins said, “After some failed negotiations we realised they were going to give us a fine so we thought screw it, let’s stage one more take as the guy hands it to us.”

It ends with the officer politely thanking them for their co-operation and sending them back to the shore.

The band was being issued a $160 fine for being out on the water in an unregistered boat. Although an unfortunate situation for the band to find themselves in, I think this really adds a point of difference to the music video.

Shout out to Australian Maritime Safety Authority ensuring the safety of Western Australian waters at all times.

Stillwater Giants’ debut album Munich will be out in July.

Image: Perth Now