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Pharrell’s Releasing His Own Action Figure Because Why?

Musicians are in love with themselves nowadays more than ever before. Kanye thinks he’s a god, Drake put out a lookbook with Views of him brooding in different outfits, and the rise of social media means just about everyone’s got a camera on themselves even when paparazzi don’t. For the most part, these feelings of self-love never physically manifest themselves. For the most part.

Pharrell announced via Twitter yesterday his upcoming action figure. This article could just end there, but let’s keep going. It’s completely posable and crazy lifelike, coming with all his tattoos, signature hat and tracksuit. It’s set to release next January in Japan, where most good toys are made. How much is it you ask? Well, you can get your hands on this lovely product for the low low price of AUD$310.

Pharrell, what the fuck? What was your thought process behind this? Surely you can deliver more to your fanbase through something like, I don’t know, releasing music? Or maybe even doing some work in fashion? You bought G-Star Raw a few months ago, maybe do something with that? For real, what is the point in this. This is either some huge cash-grab or a manifestation of where your ego is sitting nowadays. 310 bucks? Who are you kidding bro, that’s absolutely ridiculous. Musicians, I know you know you think you’re great, but you’re great for one reason, and you should stick to it. Music. Travis Scott I’m looking at you too.

Image: Medicom Toys