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Pantha Du Prince Shares Stunning New Single, Announces New Album

Pantha Du Prince has shared another new song today, along with announcing a brand new album is on the way. Titled Frau Im Mond, Sterne Laufen, this track is the second to be released from The Triad, which will be out later this month – and it is a strong contender for one of my favourite songs of this year already.

Starting out with his typically stunning atmospherics, Pantha Du Prince builds into a gorgeous soundscape, littered with analog synths as he takes it higher and higher. Translated to “Woman In Moon, Stars Racing,” the sonic journey sounds exactly like that; all twinkling and delicate, but still racing and swirling.

The man himself said of the track and his new album, “This album is about concrete utopia: how does The Triad affect our direct interaction, and how can we have a better life in the moment and not in a future vision? I came to the conclusion that it’s about social interaction with other human beings; otherwise we are just lost. And the Fritz Lang movie Frau im Mond is basically about a concrete utopia as well. You have certain secret societies that control the world, and then you have the mad scientist who has the secret formula to a rocket engine.  But the funny thing is, for the premiere of the film they built a rocket, and this rocket model was then used as a real early rocket. And this is what I think happens a lot today, without the people recognising.”

I don’t know much, but I do know my utopia is soundtracked by Pantha Du Prince. The Triad is out May 20 via Rough Trade/Remote Control.