Glass Animals

Glass Animals Hint At New Music With Teaser Video

Oxford band Glass Animals dropped an abstract teaser video that we hope is to be followed by an announcement that their new album is coming. The band have only released a few singles since their groundbreaking 2014 debut Zaba, which launched Glass Animals into the global spotlight and their woozy basslines and smooth rhythms into our ears. They blew our minds in 2014 and if this teaser is anything to go by, it looks like they’re back to do it again.

There has been plenty of hints that the band has been working on a new album (with a heap of synths) but there’s no explanation for this video aside from yesterday’s date “10:05:2016″. It shows snippets of American desert scenes, a rough motel, kids acting very strangely, a couple of random characters including the one pictured below and a badly poured coffee.

Musically, the band seems to be heading in a different direction than Zaba, but is sounding excellent nonetheless. There’s a lot of layered electronic vocals reminiscent of Daft Punk and more dance-heavy production than what was on their last record. The snippet of this song definitely feels like it’s building up to something big.

It’s only 53 seconds but that’s more than enough to tickle our tastebuds.

Lucky for us, Glass Animals are coming to Australia in July so hopefully more will be revealed by then.


Glass Animals Tour Dates:

Tues, July 5: 170 Russell, Melbourne

Wed, July 6: 170 Russell, Melbourne – SOLD OUT

Thurs, July 7: The Triffid, Brisbane

Sat, July 9: Metro Theatre, Sydney

You can buy tickets here.


Image: Facebook / Glass Animals