Lion Babe

LISTEN: Lion Babe’s “Jungle Lady” Reworked With Angel Haze Vocals

Lion Babe, the dynamic duo from New York consisting of Jillian Hervey and Lucas Goodman, released an album earlier this year, Begin. The album managed to showcase the group’s penchant for a unique RnB sound, as well as showcase Hervey’s refreshing vocals.

One of the bigger hits to emerge from the album was the song, Jungle Lady, which managed to explore the groups distinctive sound with the help of Goodman’s mellow beats and Hervey’s soothing vocals.

The song has since been noticed by Devin Christian, who with the help of some vocals from no other than Angel Haze has managed to rework the song for the final instalment of DJ Kitty Cash’s Love The Free mixes.

Jungle Lady Remix Pt. II has emerged as a strange hybrid of the electro-bohemian sounds of Lion Babe which have been reworked into The Notorious B.I.G’s Big Poppa beat, all the while managing to retain the trademark dreamy quality which a lot of the Love The Free mixes are able to convey.  Angel Haze manages to channel her inner Biggie with her verse, nailing it as she mimics the Brooklyn rappers tell-tale sound.

While on paper this mix sounds like a kaleidoscope of fuckery, in practise the song manages to capture the essence of all the artists involved, while maintaining a level of decorum which enables each of them to come through on their own without the song ever feeling like it’s too messy or bogged down.

The song will feature on the upcoming mixtape, Love The Free, Volume 3 by Kitty Cash and is scheduled to drop sometime in June.

Image: pigeonsandplanes