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Tyler, The Creator Voices A Three-Legged Cat In “The Adventures of Drunky”

It’s safe to say that Tyler The Creator has a pretty distinctive voice. Some rappers voices and styles tend to blend together a little bit sometimes, but you could hear him a mile away. That’s probably part of the reason, aside from his skill, that he’s been so successful as an MC, but also in his other voice work. He hosts his own radio show, and late last year he featured in a cartoon called The Jellies. Well, he’s back at the voice acting game again, this time as a potty-mouthed three legged cat called Oscar. Yes you read that right.

The character stars on The Adventures of Drunky, an R18+ animated short being developed by Augenblick Studios, who also did The Jellies. It follows Drunky (Sam Rockwell), who has his life destroyed by God (Jeffrey Tambor) and the Devil (Steve Coogan) after they make a cosmic bet. He has to work his way through Heaven and Hell to rescue his love (Nina Arianda), and of course save the world. They’ve just announced the film to the world via an Indiegogo campaign, and hope to raise 100k, with studio head Araron Augenblick making the very valid point that “movies like Drunky are going to start a new wave of animated feature films. If more R-rated cartoons are successful, more will get made.”

Tyler’s always said that music isn’t the only thing he wants to do, and it’ll be exciting to see how his voice acting career takes off after Drunky no doubt lands a hit.

Image: The Adventures of Drunky