Someone Made A Mashup Of Drake And Father John Misty

I’m not a huge fan of mashups, but sometimes they just get me. There are some truly amazing ones floating around on the internet, like this Notorious BIGFKA twigs collection, or this Biggie vs Bowie tribute (both made by the same person, NYC producer Terry Urban). Now, another New York producer has sent a mashup out into the world – this time with Drake and Father John Misty.

Yuri Beats shared the mix directly with FJM this morning, tweeting him on Twitter that he made his and Drake’s songs “be friends.” Combining Drake’s Legend and FJM’s Holy Shit, the results are a weirdly delicate take on Drake’s braggadocio, making it a much more intimate affair.

“I’m a huge fan of Drake and Father John Misty. Both ‘Legend’ and ‘Holy Shit’ really touched a nerve for me,” the producer told Noisey. “They both manage to articulate something beautiful and painful that really resonated with me.”

And, the verdict from the two artists in question? Whilst The 6 God may be too busy to respond right now considering his album is just about to drop, Father John Misty bestowed the highest of honours, calling the mix “Lit”. Check the track out for yourself here.

Image: Complex