Raekwon Explains Why Mixing Business With Pleasure Is Never A Good Idea

Wu Tang Clan member Raekwon has explained why he separates his friends from his business pursuits in a new interview.

“At the end of the day it’s all about how you need to separate your business from your friends and everything else,” Raekwon told Jen Deleon.

“There’s a lot of people that don’t have great intentions and they’ll be right there next to you acting like they’re genuine, but they don’t really give a fuck about you – they’re there for personal pleasure.”

The rapper then went on to outline how he always put business before pleasure when it came to making music and how that benefitted him in the long run.

“Make sure your team is solid and you’re handling business. Have people there that are important and who can regulate what’s going on around you… People just allow others to come in. I can’t allow anyone to just pop up on me and make me feel uncomfortable.”

Finally, he discussed how he and the other Wu Tang members were in a position which allowed them to try and help people out, but that they had to work if they wanted to be successful.

“We were lenient because of friendship. But I learnt personally that that ain’t what it’s about… We want to give people opportunities to get out of the hood. They need to prove that they can handle it though.”

Raekwon’s latest release was 2015’s Fly International Luxurious Art, his sixth solo album of his career so far. In an interview with The Quietus last year the 46- year old explained why he was still going strong after a two decades plus run in the music industry.

“It’s all about dedication… I’m not doing this just because it takes care of me. I think I do it because I love the energy that comes when I get on the mic. It keeps me creative and I love to hear what the fans want, what they love or hate about it. When you devote yourself to being an artist, you have to stay on your craft and always try to get better and better. The better you get, the more your legacy shines.”

Image: Vice