Raekwon imagines his superhero alter-ego in recent interview

During an interview with ComplexWu Tang Clan rapper Raekwon describes what superhero he would be – and the result is touching and remarkably thoughtful.

His superhero alter-ego, dubbed ‘King Kwan’, would help the less fortunate and be there for the people that ‘are doing things for themselves’.

His costume would consist of ‘ill nikes and the half moon cut’, and he would be running with his sidekick ‘Eraser Head’, who, with his head shaped like an eraser, would be able to rub out villians.

“I might go to a neighborhood and see an unfortunate kid, I would give him all the elements,” Raekwon continued, “You know, if he wanted to be a great writer, I would make sure that he had the best pens. I would design a nice desk for him and set up a studio for him and make him smile at the end of the day like, ‘Thanks King Kwon’ and I fly out in the sky.”

While King Kwon would make for an interesting side project, it’s unlikely this alter-ego will ever eventuate. Who knows, maybe we’ll eventually hear a Ghostface/Tony Starks-esque album from the Wu-Tang rapper.

For the mean time, at least we still have regular ‘Kwon.