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Three Albums That Changed My Life: Mallrat

Rising Brisbane emcee Mallrat is quickly becoming a name you either are familiar with, or you should be if you aren’t. She does things her own way and, since linking up with Tigerilla, has really started to come into her own as a force to be reckoned with on the local electronic/hip-hop scene.

Now, she is set to take the next step up in her career, by joining none other than Allday on a few of his gigs on his national tour. Thanks to the viral success of her songs like Sunglasses, which became a summer anthem of sorts, it’s no longer a question of “if” she will break through, rather than “when” that will happen, as all signs are pointing firmly to a bright future for the Brisbanite.

Before she well and truly blows up, we asked Mallrat what three albums changed her life. Check out her answers below, as well as the dates she will be joining Allday for.

Flume, Flume

This album made me fall in love with electronic music and the album cover has been my screensaver for as long as I can remember.

Florence + the Machine, Lungs

The week I graduated grade 12, I won tickets to see Florence live and got to go with my two best friends. Such a cool time! I’d always prayed to see her live but had never been able to afford tickets, so thanks to the angels who made it happen.

Allday, Startup Cult

I went to Allday’s concert for this album just over a year ago, and left realising that I wanted to make music as a career and could probably actually do it.  This album got me through a super weird and tricky time and taught me that honesty and reality are beautiful. Blessings was my 4:45am alarm for like a year. The only album that might replace this as my favourite album ever will be Allday’s next one. I’ve heard some sneak peaks and it’s beautiful as fuck.