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Mark Pritchard Announces New Album “Under The Sun,” Listen To Stunning First Single

I’ve been lucky enough to see UK electro-maestro Mark Pritchard live in various incarnations, collaborations and across at least two countries, and have been astounded every single time. So it gives me great pleasure to announce that he will be releasing a new album, Under The Sun, in May this year. It’s set to be his first solo output in five years, and one which has reportedly been designed specifically with the intention of listening to in one whole sitting.

Pritchard has long since been hailed as one of the most innovative and interesting producers within the experimental, ambient and occasionally drone-tinted realms of electronic music, uniquely focusing on heavier progression and more bass-anchored sounds than some of his Warp Records contemporaries.

Fans can keep a particularly keen ear out for collaborations with Bibio, Linda Perhaps and the great Thom Yorke among others, on Give It Your Choir, You Wash My Soul and Beautiful People respectively.

Listen to the stunning first single, Sad Alron, here, and check out the album artwork and track list below:

Under the Sun Track List
1. “?”
2. “Give It Your Choir” (feat. Bibio)
3. “Infrared”
4. “Falling”
5. “Beautiful People” (feat. Thom Yorke)
6. “Where Do They Go, The Butterflies”
7. “Sad Alron”
8. “You Wash My Soul” (feat. Linda Perhacs)
9. “Cycles Of 9″
10. “Hi Red”
11. “Ems”
12. “The Blinds Cage” (feat. Beans)
13. “Dawn Of The North”
14. “Khufu”
15. “Rebel Angels”
16. “Under The Sun”


Under The Sun comes out on Friday, May 13 on Warp Records via Inertia.