WATCH: Majical Cloudz Plays Their Last Show Ever

After announcing their breakup a week ago, Majical Cloudz have played their last show. Devon Welsh and Matthew Otto said goodbye to Maijcal Cloudz at Montreal’s La Sala Rosa on the weekend with the duo ready to start making music as solo projects.

To make this show extra special, the band decided to extend their set, opting to not have an opening act. A snippet of the set has been captured in fan-shot footage and stored on social media forever. They can be seen playing Childhood’s End and Bugs Don’t Buzz.

Heartbroken fans watched and listened in silence, treasuring every second of the gig. They cheered in encouragement as Welsh stumbled around the stage to the beat of the song. Otto’s production was flawless, keeping the sound going strong.

The quality of the videos below are quite good, considering they were shot by fans. See for yourself.

Welsh thanked those who came and saw them on Twitter, describing their final show as “awesome”.

Majical Cloudz started making music together in 2010, releasing four albums and three extended plays over the years. In the past, they have joined forces with Academy Award nominee Owen Pallett on their 2015 album Are You Alone? as well as their final EP Wait And See and toured with Lorde in 2014. Their third bandmate Matthew E. Duffy left Majical Cloudz in 2011 after their second album.

According to The Fader, while Welsh will be continuing in the music industry using his own name, Otto will be known as The Dahlia. He will be “producing several records and composing a film soundtrack”.

Image: Pitchfork