The Hives’ Pelle Almqvist Offers To Be The New ACDC Frontman

In the midst of their world tour, disaster has stuck for ACDC.

Frontman Brian Johnson has been forced to leave the tour on doctor’s orders after being told that he will permanently lose his hearing if he continues. With the position wide open, The Hives frontman Pelle Almqvist has taken the opportunity to apply. In a Facebook post (read below), he has expressed his interest in joining the legendary rock band for the remainder of their tour.

He began his application for the job sending love to Johnson and wishing him well on his recovery, but wasted no time getting straight to the point. “Very sad to hear Brian Johnson can’t do a bunch of AC/DC shows due to health problems. That man is a legend. I would like offer my sincerest well wishes and get wells. And if any help is needed, I put my foot forward and say: HERE I AM!”

He continued, detailing his experience and achievements as the “greatest frontman in rock”: “I have many many years of experience rocking the world’s biggest stages and, according to others, I am the greatest frontman in rock, plus judging from the reaction in Australia, your crowd already seems to really like me. Plus, I have already been singing those songs since I was six years old. So, AC/DC, please consider my application!”

The comment section has a few fans willing to give Almqvist a glowing reference, while others are condemning the idea. In competition with Almqvist is Dave Evans, who was the original lead singer and played with the band briefly in 1974.

The final ten shows will be rescheduled for now. Hopefully, they find a suitable fill-in frontman soon. We also send our best wishes to Brian Johnson and wish him luck on his recovery.

Image: Spin