Watch Little Simz’s Elaborate Interview With Nardwuar

This year has been huge for one particular North London born MC. After releasing her debut studio album along with yet another mixtape in the AGE 101 series, she’s gone on to tour the world (Australia included), and have Kendrick Lamar say “she might be the illest doing it right now.” Of course I’m talking about Little Simz.

One of her most recent and exciting stops on her world tour was the recent SXSW, where the madman himself, Nardwuar, recently interviewed her. Despite his huge catalog of interviews, he has never actually interviewed British rapper, making Simz the first – yet another accolade for her.

Nardwuar always surprises with his knowledge and deep research that he puts in. Right off the bad he manages to amaze her simply through a gift of a J Dilla record, a producer and artist she holds to be one of her biggest inspirations. Next not only did he bring up her first ever rap lyric, something she wrote when she was 10, he also knew her high school head of year. “Raaaaaaaaaa, how? How?!”

Another present, this time Southern rapper Gangsta Boo, to which Simz says, “This is the real deal. For all you guys making that trap, thinking you invented it, thinking its new, it’s actually not. What you’re actually doing is regurgitating these sounds.” Nardwuar stuns her again bringing up visionary artist Alex Grey which happens to be yet another huge inspiration to Simz, “It actually inspired me to want to do a project on it.”

Finally, he asks, “Why should people care about you?” to which she replies, “Well I mean if you care about real music and honest true music, and you care about the future, for our future generation, and if you want to be more aware about things in life then you should care”

Awesome. You can watch the whole interview below, and check out our interview with her here.

Image: Puna