The Roots, Bilal & Kimbra Drop Out of Bowie Tribute Concerts

Following the huge loss of David Bowie this year, several tribute concerts were arranged boasting amazing line-ups honouring the legend. Now, however, two New York tribute shows will now be lacking of a few artists. Due to ‘Bitchassness’, or otherwise what seems to be an issue caused by not sharing equipment, drummer Questlove announced that his band The Roots, along with Bilal and Kimbra will not be performing at the shows.

“I’ve never been so insecure or petty as to deny a fellow musician use of any of my equipment (or my bands equipment – or resources or contacts or knowledge or anything) it angers me when the same courtesy is not reciprocated,” he wrote on Instagram.

Questlove didn’t make it clear who he was mentioning during this chatter, but due to the severity of the outcome, the issue must have seemed inexcusable.

Funnily enough Quest’s company and website Okayplayer is the exclusive media partner for both of the shows, so whether they maintain the partnership, and if so, how the shows will come across, will be an interesting story.

Despite these pullouts the tribute concerts will go ahead and feature many artists such as Michael Stipe, Pixies, Cat Power, Blondie, Perry Farrell, Jakob Dylan, Ann and Nancy Wilson, just to name a few.

Read ?uestlove’s full statement below.

Image: Mixed Nation