John Legend Blasts Donald Trump After Violence Shuts Down Rally

A group of angry protestors caused a Donald Trump rally to shut down in Chicago. Their chanting of Kendrick Lamar’s Alright to shed some light on issues, such as police brutality and racism, sparked some violent behaviour among the crowd.

After he was unable to get an explanation from the protestors themselves, Trump’s son tweeted about the event, confused about why the protest occurred. John Legend helped him out by pointing out the plainly obvious reason.

His wife Chrissy Teigen got in on the action as well, retweeting his tweet, adding, “@johnlegend got em”.

Trump’s son, however, wanted the last word. He responded with “Here we go again. That can’t be the answer for everything you don’t like. That’s why the country is so divided now!”

Legend stuck by his beliefs, sticking up for himself in the faces of a few “Trump Trolls”. After one accused him of being uneducated, Legend was quick to let them know that he graduated from the same university as the Trumps. Legend earned himself a degree in English after studying at the University of Pennsylvania.

Following this, he retweeted a story from The Daily Beast, detailing a lawsuit against Trump that occurred back in 1973. He and his real estate company were accused of adding the letter ‘C’ to all applications to rent from African Americans, using a “secret racist code.”

He also reminded us that Trump’s racist attitude is nothing knew.

The US election will be held on November 8th 2016. Please vote responsibly, America.

Image: BET