WATCH: Bat For Lashes Is A Desert Wanderer In “In God’s House” Video

With her new album on the way, Bat For Lashes’ Natasha Khan has given us a music video to match the heartbreaking single In God’s House. The music provides a visual aftermath for the story about a wedding that never happened due to the death of the groom-to-be.

The video depicts Khan walking through a desert as the sun is going down. The wind is swirling around her as she walks up to a grave in the middle of nowhere. She begins to sing with a look of mourning on her face, kneeling in front of the grave. The site grows dark, the neon crucifix on the grave is lit and Khan stumbles away.

She then turns her attention to a black car in the middle of the road. When you listen to the lyrics, you realise this is the car that the woman’s fiancé crashed when he passed away. “What’s this I see? // My baby’s hand on the wheel?// What’s this I see? Fire, Fire.” 

Her hauntingly beautiful voice soars as she continues to tell this tragic story in the glow of the car’s headlights. Our hearts break as the video ends.

Earlier in the year, she told us to mark July 1st on our calendars. This has been confirmed as the release date of her long-awaited fourth album The Bride, so save the date!

Image: Rolling Stone