AlunaGeorge Is Headlining An Online Minecraft Concert

AlunaGeorge have announced they will be performing live in the first ever Minecraft concert alongside Norwegian DJ Broiler. The show is taking place as part of an annual tech festival in Norway called ‘The Gathering’. Every year they open the festival with a live show but this year, in partnership with Universal Music and tech company Heisholt, organisers have decided to do something a little different. Watch the trailer below that features AlunaGeorge’s single I’m In Control.

While the live performance is occurring on stage at The Gathering, a team of artists and volunteers will be controlling avatars modelled after the performers to re-create the action online in the Minecraft world. Users are able to attend the online performance from all over the world but like any concert, opportunities for attendance are limited.

“I’m sure they’ll be able to accommodate around 2,000 to 3,000 people, so this will have the same sort of feel as seeing a show in small concert venue,” said Erik Heisholt, a Gathering organiser and founder of Heisholt. The limit in numbers is due to server constraints at the festival.

I’m not sure I’m convinced that it will really feel the same as a live show but it’s still pretty cool. There are even billboards and flyers being put up around the Minecraft world advertising the event! Perhaps this is a glimpse into how we might access live music and overseas festivals in the future.

Image: Heisholt