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PLAYLIST: The Best Songs Of This Week

These are the best songs of the week, with new tracks from all over the globe. From Denmark with Kenton Slash Demon, to Brighton with Sea Bed, Philadelphia with Louis Futon, Melbourne with Bad Vision or Sydney’s Ribongia and everywhere else in between – if it’s a good track, you can rest assured it’s in this playlist. Trust us!

Fountaineer, Still Life

This song sounds like the song that would play during the opening credits of an 80’s teen drama, and I mean that in the best way. It’s racing guitars and thumping beat, as well as it’s almost crooner harmonies remind me of a mix between prom band and Arcade Fire and The War On Drugs – a combo I really enjoy. It’s rocking but danceable, and signifies a really big step up for Fountaineers. Bring on the next single!

Louis Futon, Wasted On You (Ft. ROZES)

Lous Futon is no stranger to remixes, having released reworks for Gallant, Future, G-Eazy, Mos Def, Wiz Khalifa and more in the past, but now he’s trying his hand at his own material. Titled Wasted On You, he has teamed up with vocalist ROZES for this one – an ODESZA inspired electro jam with glitchy flourishes, driving drums and a huge breakdown. It’s been released by ODESZA’s Foreign Family Collective, which is an impressive accomplishment on it’s own, and it certainly helps when the song is as good as it is. Louis Futon better get used to this original stuff, we definitely need to hear more!

Bad Vision, Goons

Taken from their forthcoming sophomore release, Turn Out Your SocketsGoons is the first taste of a band that has grown up. Still keeping that same “youthful exuberance” that worked as their initial appeal back in 2013, they’ve taken the past couple of years to really hone their sound and figure out where they should go from here. By all accounts, they’ve stuck to their guns and chosen the right path, as Goons rules with it’s punky, DIY garage sounds and raucous attitude. Turn Out Your Sockets will be out in early May, and it’s certainly a release we will be looking forward to hearing!

Slowly Slowly, New York, Paris

Slowly Slowly are a new duo, formed only last year, but don’t let that fool you into thinking they’re amateurs. No, they’re capable of some pretty great tunes, and New York, Paris is a perfect example of that. Featuring an absolutely gorgeous voice and a stark but meticulous guitar, you can feel the frustrated restlessness they’re going through about being stuck in one place and needing to get out so badly. Then the track takes a turn and blooms into a fully functioning slow rock jam with a piercing drum beat and guitar. Really, really nice.

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever, Write Back

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever have been kicking around for a while now, but this single marks their first since signing to tastemaker label, Ivy League, and definitely one of their best. They only just released their debut EP in October last year, but already have garnered a huge following thanks to their rolling rock songs and upbeat, driving tunes. Write Back is infectious and fun, whilst showing off the band’s ever-improving musicality – not that they really needed it! We’re expecting even bigger things to come from these guys.

Ribongia, My Word Ft. Hancoq

Ribongia is quickly becoming one of my favourite producers, ever since he released Save The Children back in 2014. Since then, he’s taken some time to work on some new tracks and now it seems we are finally able to hear them. First came Journeys towards the end of last year, and now we have My Word. Teaming up with ESESE member Hancoq, the pair have created this jungle vibe hip-hop jam, with warm, tropical vibes and some really great lyrics from Hancoq. It’s so much fun, and will be an absolute banger live. It’s also got us really, really keen to hear what else he’s been working on. Let’s just hope we can hear more soon!

Sea Bed, Conquerer 

This track wins best of all this week, hands down. The UK garage house beat; the blooming, soulful vocals; the blushing, bubbling synths; Sea Bed have absolutely nailed this one. A duo hailing from the UK, they said of that track that its “a song about overcoming fear. It’s about accepting the flaws in each other and realising that real strength is vulnerability, real strength is taking your barriers down to let people in.” It’s also just really fucking beautiful.

Gypsy & The Cat, Inside Your Mind

I’m really excited that Gypsy & The Cat are making more music. Their 2010 album, Gilgamesh, is one of my favourite Australian releases ever, and their new material is shaping up to be quite excellent as well. Inside Your Mind has only been out in the world for a few days and has already seen widespread critical acclaim and fan loving. Trademark Gypsy & The Cat sounds like the soaring vocals, driving guitar and dreamy synths are all at work here, showing that even though they’ve grown up a bit, they’re still sticking to their guns. Inside our minds will be this song for days on end.

The Invisible, Save You

Released via tastemakers Ninja Tune, The Invisible have released one of the funkiest tracks I’ve heard in a long time with Save You. It’s smooth, groovy, pretty sexy and really catchy. It’s dark and mysterious, you don’t quite know where it’s going but you enjoy it all the same. Taken from a forthcoming album out this year, here’s hoping we hear a lot more of this in the very near future!

Kenton Slash Demon, Dok

I was pretty late to the party with these guys, but I’m still glad I came. Danish duo Kenton Slash Demon make really intricate electronica in the form of sprawling, shuffling soundscapes and each song is its own experience. Their latest single, dropped only a few hours ago is titled Dok, and comes alongside the news of a 12″ being released in March via Australia’s own Future Classic. It’s just under 6 minutes of jumpy but smooth dance music that will have you grooving in no time, and is yet another example of the fine music these two are capable of making.