John Frusciante To Release New Electronic EP This Year

Ex-Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist John Frusciante has embarked on a wild, and wildly varied solo career since his days with Anthony Keidis and co. In recent years, the guitar virtuoso has turned his sights towards the electronic music spectrum – and he’s now set to release a new EP, Foregrow, this April.

Frusciante released an electronic EP back in 2014 under the moniker Trickfinger, and last year he posted a string of unreleased tracks on Soundcloud and Bandcamp. Now, the four-track Foregrow is set to be released on April 16, which is Record Store Day.

The EP will be released under the Acid Test label, who have explained that Foregrow will feature a blend of electronic elements – while it will maintain many of the acid elements of his earliest experimental exploration, it’s also slated to include “the drum programming DNA of jungle and footwork, and yes, a [bass synthesiser] Roland TB-303.”

Furthermore, it’s also been inspired by “elements of John Carpenter’s eternal scores, the drum programming DNA of jungle and footwork, and yes, a Roland TB-303.”

No music is currently available, but you can peep the track list below.

John Frusciante’s Foregrow track list:

A1 Foregrow
A2 Expre’act
B1 Lowth Forgue
B2 Unf

IMAGE: Getty