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Watch Joey Badass Teaching At New York University

Last Friday, February 19, 21-year-old rapper Joey Badass spoke to three hundred students at New York University. The artist spoke about his life and career as an upcoming, independent hip-hop artist and more.

Bada$$ is one of many hip-hop artists to take to colleges and universities around the USA, including Killer Mike, Chance The Rapper, Lil B, RZA, GZA and Kendrick Lamar, who have all given speeches and lectures across the country regarding a wide variety of topics, including their careers, race relations, hip-hop culture, poetry and more.

Bada$$’ lectures are to take place as part of Black History Month. As well as NYU, he’ll be speaking at Harvard University next week.

RevoltTV attended the lecture and highlighted three important quotes from the event:

On fame: “Everyone thinks they will never change but it’s really hard when the whole world is pressuring you to.”

On passion leading to success: “The moment I chose to follow my heart I started living life.”

On Pro Era: “The whole is better than the one.”

Here’s me giving my first lecture at NYU. So thankful for the opportunity. #SAVETHECHILDREN #47SHIFT #PROERA

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Watch Bada$$’ temperate, poetic verse delivered to the university students:

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