WATCH a 50 Minute Live Video From Floating Points

Floating Points, aka Sam Shepherd has released an epic 50 minute concert video alongside announcing a North American tour.

The performance was filmed at the YouTube Studios in New York, which saw Shepherd backed by an impressive 11-piece orchestra. The concert was premiered by THUMP and features art which was created specifically for the show by Pablo Barquin and Anna Diaz of Hamill Industries.

The London producer released his highly anticipated debut album last year entitled Elaenia. It went on to feature on many best of lists last year and gained him plenty of critical acclaim.

THUMP initially released his performance of Silhouettes (I,II & III), but they have now released his full mesmerising performance at the announcement of an upcoming tour, which will see Shepherd play alongside his band.

“When we were doing the gigs, we realized that kind of energy exists in the band, and that’s what we wanted to tap into,” he told THUMP at the time. “Playing live is wildly exciting. The adrenalin is felt way more constantly and more exciting. It’s been a massive thrill.”

Despite his large following and critical acclaim it’s easy to forget that the 29 year old has so far only released one album. When talking about his only record so far though the English DJ was eager to point out his methods for both his songs and his live performances.

“I like to imagine I make music that doesn’t require the listener to have any prior knowledge or reference points,” Shepherd said in an interview with The Guardian late last year.

“I would like to feel that a person walks into an empty room and that, through listening to the record, the room is built for them without trying to push them out at any point. I’m trying to draw people in,” he continued.

You can watch Floating Points’ exclusive performance here.